Embrace the Journey

Hello everyone!

I’m so so happy you’re here. Welcome to the CLT Wellness blog where I’ll discuss anything and everything related to health and wellness, especially when it comes to fertility, pregnancy and motherhood. If there is anything top of mind you’d like to hear about please feel free to reach out to me at Carolyn@CLTWellness.com. Suggestions always welcome!

You may have read a bit of my story on the “About CLT” section of the site so quick summary: I am a former corporate marketing director who took a leap and decided to turn her passion for living a healthy lifestyle into a career. It’s still amazing to me to see that summed up perfectly in one sentence, a lot of ups and downs contributed to making it a reality. Leaving the corporate environment, learning entirely new skill sets and starting up a biz - a pure roller-coaster of emotions let me tell you. Especially when you do it all while pregnant. Yes, my husband is a very patient man. But here I am now, a certified health coach and personal trainer with a week left to go ‘til my due date! Let’s hope Baby Tallents inherits his parents’ obsession with punctuality.

My pregnancy journey has taught me more than I ever could have imagined both personally and professionally. I first started my new career with the intention of helping people achieve their health goals through diet and lifestyle changes. But after struggling for over a year with fertility issues, including a devastating miscarriage, and now having spent the past 9 months growing a human, I’ve learned so much about the body during this phase of life that it has became the specialty of my business. I want to help women in all stages of their own pregnancy journey feel empowered when it comes to their health and wellness. There is SO much information out there - often times conflicting - about what you should/shouldn’t do/eat while trying to conceive, or while pregnant or after having had a baby, that it’s hard to feel confident in your choices. Let’s change that!

So enough about me. I’m here to help YOU. Stay tuned for topics such as fertility boosting foods, what “eating for two” really means and workouts safe for any stage of pregnancy. Talk soon!