Hello everyone!

My name is Carolyn Tallents, founder of CLT Wellness, and I am so happy you are here!


Once upon a time, I made a life-changing decision that increased my own health and happiness...I left the corporate world. I know, nothing TOO dramatic, but after 10 years in corporate marketing, I was at a critical juncture in my career but found myself feeling very unfulfilled. I began to try and redefine what “success” meant to me, and I was nervous to realize that it no longer meant climbing the corporate ladder. So after much soul searching, a few serendipitous encounters, and many blessings in disguise, I committed to putting my passions to good use in an attempt to truly make a difference in people's lives. I was already spending most of my free time reading up on health and wellness issues, going to conferences and lectures and experimenting with recipes and workouts, so as soon as I stumbled upon the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the field of health coaching, I knew I’d found my path.

I decided to leave my corporate job when I was 4 months pregnant with my first child (a scary and potentially questionable decision) and dedicated the rest of my pregnancy to learning everything I could about my new career, as well as how to have the healthiest and happiest pregnancy - because believe it or not, you aren't actually told how to do this by your doctor. It also took us a long time to get pregnant and once I started researching this area, I discovered just how much your health and wellness can impact your fertility, whether you suffer from PCOS, amenorrhea or unexplained infertility. This revelation made me want to share what I learned and try to help others who may be dealing with similar issues.

I studied over 100 dietary theories and nutrition concepts at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, completed the Dr. Sears Health Coach certification in prenatal and postnatal women's health, and received my personal training certification so I could fully understand how our bodies respond to and benefit from exercise - especially while pregnant and postpartum. I can honestly say I’ve never been healthier or happier and I credit my ultra-supportive husband, wonderful family and close friends who have given me the confidence to pursue this new path.

So if you are looking to find your own path to health and happiness - whether in your daily life, during your pregnancy or post-baby  - CLT Wellness is here to help. I can't wait to work with you.

All the best,


My credentials: 

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)
  • Certified Pre and Postnatal Health Coach (Dr. Sears Wellness Institute)
  • Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
  • Certified Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist (Fit for Birth)
  • B.S in Marketing (Boston College, CSOM)


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